Ready to Act: A Look into Our First Aid Dive.

We recently had the privilege of hosting Claudia Luna, a Specialized Paramedic from Grupo EMME – Medical Emergencies, at the Aceros del Toro Monterrey facilities for an exciting first aid course, organized by Dr. René Rodríguez, the company’s medical officer.

For over an hour, our colleagues in the plant immersed themselves in a practical and interactive training that not only educated but also strengthened our confidence. Claudia guided us through protocols for handling wounds of varying degrees, from superficial to deep, ensuring we were equipped with the necessary knowledge to act quickly in case of emergency.

A crucial part of the course was training on how to respond to cardiac arrest or heart attack. We learned and practiced CPR techniques as well as the proper use of an AED (Automated External Defibrillator), skills that could make a difference while awaiting the arrival of emergency teams.

Claudia’s personalized attention and practical approach left us with a sense of confidence and readiness to face any situation that may arise in the workplace or elsewhere.

At Aceros del Toro, our priority is the safety and well-being of our team both inside and outside our plant. This course was not only informative but also strengthened our team spirit and reminded us of the importance of being prepared to act in critical moments.

We thank the medical staff of EMME and Claudia Luna for their invaluable contribution to this brief but valuable first aid information!

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